A History of Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are known to have been used since the year 500 A.D. in Japan. The balls were made of metal or ivory and were at first inserted into the female in order to increase pleasure for the male during intercourse. It didn´t take Japanese women long to figure out that the Ben Wa Balls or Rin No Tama ¨tinkling bells¨ could be used in order to induce an orgasm.

Women in ancient Asia from Thailand to China to Japan used the subtle clanking vibrations to achieve the big O or for foreplay. The balls were soon attached by a silk thread or chain so that removal from the female organ became easier.

One of the first ¨western¨ encounters of Ben Wa Balls was made by Ralph Fitch a famous English traveller who was one of the firsts to explore Mesopotamia and India. He was often consulted during the founding of the East India company. About 12 years after Ralph Fitch encountered Ben Wa Balls in the 16th Century an Italian exploring Thailand discovered men using Ben Wa Balls to lengthen the male organ.

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